9 October 2016

5 To Read This Weekend No.003

I've been making a conscience effort to make more time for myself recently which means more time to read blogposts from my favourite bloggers. These are just a few of the ones I've really enjoyed reading over the past few months. 

By Hillary White at www.popsugar.com

"Some people have the ability to put thoughts into words in the most inspiring ways. Rupi Kaur, a poet, spoken word performer & author, is a master at this art form. She made headlines when she posted a photo of herself with a period blood stain & sparked viral conversation about the way women are both portrayed & perceived in society. More recently, she published a collection of her poetry in 'Milk & Honey' & she shares snippets of her wisdom on Instagram for her avid followers to contemplate. These motivational quotes will remind you to never give up, to find beauty in pain & to celebrate life."

By Georgia at www.asyouwishuk.com

"I am in no way suggesting that my blog photography is the best in the bloggersphere, in fact it's nowhere near, but, what I would say I'm pretty damn good at is being a major blog prop horder - like seriously. I can't help it, my mind says no but my flat lay says yes, yano? Whack any marble, rose gold, copper or pretty fairy lights in front of me & I'm yours!"

By Louise at www.helloteddy.co.uk

"I will say something rather controversial - I'm not that much of an Instagram fan. Don't get me wrong, I like seeing outfit photos & holiday snaps but the constant avocado on toast photos does get on my nerves slightly. I think another reason why I am not much of an Insta fan is that it is so hard to grow a following on there & in all honesty, my life isn't that interesting to share through imagery. I don't go out for brunch daily or go to Chanel weekly & sadly no-one would want to see my food shop in ASDA, would they?"

By Yara Michels at www.chapterfriday.com

"Good morning sunshine! We all want productive morning, don't we? As morning are one of the most essential parts of your day, you might want to reconsider your habits. With limited time & energy mornings seem quite tricky. Maximise the productivity of your mornings with just some small adjustments we would like to share with you." 

"Remember when I promised a few weeks ago that I would share my favourite Netflix picks? I haven't forgotten, so here they are. Some of these are not that new, but new to me, or newly available on Netflix. I've been watching a lot of documentaries on Netflix these past few weeks, along with movies & these are my top picks - the ones that leave you both filled with emotions & empty at the same time, because they give us a new perspective about a topic, or make us personally relate to a character's experience." 

Let me know what your favourite posts have been recently! 

B x

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