4 October 2016

5 Reasons You Should Spend More Time With Yourself

Don't get me wrong, spending time with family & friends is great but it's just as great as spending time by yourself. Just you, your thoughts & whatever you want to do, with no obligations, no opinions or plans & no pressure from anyone else. Not only is it about relaxing but it's also really good for you to spend time alone.

I spend a lot of time by myself especially because I work from home & I've learnt that it's okay to say no sometimes, don't feel like you have to go & watch a movie with your friends if you don't particularly want to. Just in case you can't convince yourself, I've put together a list of 5 reason why I think we should all start spending more time alone with ourselves.

No.001: Get To Know Yourself
If you are always around other people, hearing their opinions & plans, it can be hard to figure out what you want for yourself & to form your own opinions. When you're alone you have the time to work out what you like, want & have the opportunity to form your own opinions.

No.002: You Learn To Love Yourself
You'll get to know & appreciate yourself better. Loving yourself is a big part of spending time with yourself. When you learn to be fun & loving with & towards yourself, you'll then be fun & loving with family & friends.

No.003: You Can Do Whatever You Want
Watching Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls or Friends, reading a book, singing in front of the mirror, going for a walk. Whatever it may be, no one can tell you what or what not to do. No one can tell you to clean, cook or finish the to do list, because you're the only one in charge. How great is that?

No.004: You Learn To Rely On Yourself
This is especially when decisions need to be made while you are alone, you need to rely on yourself to make the best decision available. Being self-dependent is important when it comes to growing up & unfortunately, at some stage we are all going to grow up.

No.005: You Save Money
This is so practical, yet so true! When you are with your family & friends you are more likely to spend money. When you have time with yourself, it's the simple things you find entertaining, reading a book or spending some time in the sun is the only thing you need for some quality time for yourself.

B x

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