15 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guides For Him & Her

December is such a crazy time of the year. Where all busy stressing about all the things that need to be done before the end of the year & then trying to organise Christmas with friends & family. You’ve also got purchasing gifts, sending gifts & Christmas cards if that’s something you do. You’ve got school graduations & Christmas work functions. 

Because December is such a crazy month, I feel like even if you love gift giving, sitting down at the end of a busy day to try & work out gift ideas for those special people in your life can be slightly difficult. I love gift giving but I feel like I’m terrible at trying to find a variety of different items that my family & friends will enjoy & find useful. A lot of my favourite YouTubers have brought out ‘Christmas Gift Guides’ this year & I thought I would combine them all into a post for easy access if you’re look for some gift inspiration. These videos definitely helped me come up with some awesome gift ideas for my family & friends. 

B x

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