20 December 2016

Summer Morning & Evening Skincare

It has been a good six months since I last posted my ‘Winter Morning & Evening Skincare Routines’ & I think it’s well overdue for a bit of an update. However because we are now in the warmer months I thought it would only be appropriate to talk about my ‘Summer Morning & Evening Skincare Routine’. I’ll also leave my ‘Winter Morning & Evening Skincare Routine’ post linked for those of you who are interested as well as for those who are now in the colder months opposed to the warmer.

I originally wasn't going to combine both my morning & evening skincare routines together but because use the exact same products morning & night I thought I might as well combine it into one post. 

You'll notice that my summer skincare routine is a lot more simple with less products compared to my winter routine & this is because my skin has a tendency to be more dry in the winter whereas in the summer, my skin is more oily than dry. You will see some a similarity between my winter & summer skincare routine as there are some products that I tend to use all year round & that's simply because my skin agrees with that particular product & I'm not about to change something that doesn't need changing. 


Exfoliating Scrub 

 B x

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