11 December 2016

How To Be Mindful This Festive Season

For a lot of us, this time of the year is not only exciting but also very busy. We spend weeks preparing for the festive season, we make all these plans & then it’s over in a heartbeat. Time flies by these days, which is why staying mindful & in the present moment is so important. 

Let Go All Expectations 
It’s all about expectations & so often we hype ourselves e up & then end up feeling disappointed. Like being able to see all your friends & family, or things such as people arriving on time or everything going according to plan because nothing always goes to plan & we need to learn to be ok with that. Little mishaps & inevitable & the key is to not let them get to you & stay grounded. 

Don’t Overcomplicate 
Don’t over complicate things for yourself. It’s ok to ask for help if you need it.The errands, the shopping, the cooking, the planning & cleaning, all those things I like doing & if you’re anything like me then you’re a bit of a control freak & feel the need to do things yourself & that’s overcomplicating things for yourself. It soon becomes draining & exhausting. At the end of the day you can’t enjoy yourself because you’re either too tired or you’re thinking about the next thing you have to do. Don’t be afraid of simple, smile is good. 

Disconnect & Count Your Blessings 
Just because things get hectic throughout the festive season, doesn’t mean you can’t take time for yourself & time to just slow down. Take time to truly disconnect, turn your phone off, have a bath. Don’t be afraid turn down invites to holiday parties because you’d rather stay in & take sometime to yourself, watching Christmas films & wrapping Christmas gifts. 

Find time to reflect & appreciate all the wonderful things that happened to you this year & all the amazing things you do have! Most importantly though, staying mindful this festive season is about remembering to slow down & be present. Remember that we are the ones who make the real magic happen & it would be shame not to truly enjoy it.  

B x

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