1 December 2016

Beauty Cosmetics Storage & Organisation

I believe that organisation is such a big part of everyone lives in one way or another, especially when it comes to how we choose to organise & store the items in our homes. Whether this is our clothes, our beauty products, the food we have in the pantry or even the towels & bed sheets in the linen cupboard. There are so many different forms of organisation around us on an everyday basis but what I love most, is that we all have different ways of organisation which suit us best individually. 

We all know about my love & passion for beauty. I mean, I do have my fair share of products. I thought I would share how I organise & store my makeup products & that way you can get some ideas for yourself if you’re looking at re-organising your collection. Now, this post is in collaboration with a company called ‘MakeSpace’ & they are a storage company. I think storage companies are fantastic, especially if you’re moving & perfect for those moving or traveling interstate. What I specifically love about ‘MakeSpace’ is that they will pick up your belonging, store it & then deliver you belongings back to you. There are heaps of features that this company offers such as free packing bins which means you’re able to save on boxes & tape, they offer an online picture inventory of what you have in storage along with free goodwill pickups. You can visit the following link, MakeSpace Company Locations, to find the current locations available & I believe they are soon to be announcing new locations so keep an eye out for that. I think this is an amazing service & if something like this was offered here in New Zealand when I moved to the city I’m living in now, I would definitely have used the service. There’ll be more of a disclaimer down below if you’re interested in knowing more about who benefits from what & more about this collaboration between myself & the 'MakeSpace’ company.

In the above photo you can see my current beauty storage & set up. This organisation & storage system is currently what works best for me & I think that it's important when choosing how you'd like to store your own belongings. As you can probably see, I use small white containers, which I just purchased from the dollar store, to hold the majority of my beauty bits & pieces such as foundations, powders, bronzers, blushers etc. It's super simple yet effective & I adore it. On the top of the vanity you'll see a small acrylic draws which holds a variety of lip products, lip care products & various mascaras & eyebrow gels. It's perfect to have sitting there as it's easily accessible especially if I just want to wear super natural brow & chuck on some mascara. There's also some small glass jars which I use to hold my brushes again easily accessible for daily use & then I also have a free standing mirror. I'd love to know some of the items you have sitting on your vanity & how you like to organise & store your beauty products. 

Disclaminer & More Information; 
I received an email from a lovely lady from the MakeSpace Company about three weeks ago & after looking into the company & receiving more information from them, we decided to work together on a project which involves talking & sharing about how we store & organise out beauty products. I'm receiving no benefits from the company other than the potential opportunity to feature in article that the company are putting together which is going to incorporate a lot of what the blogging community are putting together in regards to this project. 

B x

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