8 December 2016

Currently Listening, Thinking & Feeling No.004

You’ll all agree with me when I say that December is one of the busiest times of the year, right? We’re a week into December & I already have a running to do list that might as well be the length of my arm. With being so busy & trying to get things completed before Christmas, I haven’t been as active as I would’ve liked online. I enjoying writing & sharing these ‘Currently’ posts with you all because it gives you a bit of an idea my thoughts, feelings & the bits & pieces I've been doing lately especially for those of you who don't follow me over at places like Twitter, Instagram & FB, which of course you're more than welcome to if you'd like! One thing you will notice is that I have slightly changed the name of these sorts of posts however it's still the same concept. 

Listening: I did a whole BP about Ingrid & Cat's Podcast, Girls Who Lunch & I'll make sure to have that linked but I highly recommend Ingrid & Cat's Podcast, Girls Who Lunch. Ingrid & Cat do a fantastic job with sharing their opinions, thoughts & beliefs about topics which can be slightly controversial but also so important to talk about! I recommend having a listening if you maybe need some advice or are just looking to hear someone else's opinion on a specific topic. 

Feeling: Although it’s a busy time of the years, it’s also a super exciting time of the year. It’s Christmas, the weather is getting warmer & I find this time of the year really uplifting & exciting. For me, Christmas has always been about spending time with family & friends. People have time off over the holidays which allows time to see friends & family, you’re able to spend quality time with them & have a proper catch up before the new year really kicks into gear. 

Reading: I believe I mentioned the book I’m currently reading in my November Beauty & Lifestyle Favourites but if you haven’t seen that post, I’m currently reading a book called, Breaking The Silence by Lorraine Moir. It’s based on mental health, more specifically depression & suicide. The book has a bunch of different true stories about New Zealand families who have experienced & got through loosing someone to suicide. It’s super insightful & I think it’s a book everyone should have a read of. 

Watching: I have just finished watching all six seasons of Fresh Prince Of Bel Air on Netflix & I think I have maybe two or three episodes of season six of Shameless US before finishing that. I’m also thinking that maybe Gilmore Girls might be my next TV series that I binge watch. 

Wanting: Right now, I’m really just wanting everyone to have an amazing month & Christmas. I understand that Christmas isn’t always a great time for everybody but just surround yourself with those that you love & that love you & remind yourself that everything will be ok & work out for the best. 

Needing: I’m desperately needing a new computer mouse for my desktop. Mine broke, I think it might just be wear & tear but it’s a big pain in the butt especially because I wanted to work on my desktop today. So I’ll have to pick up a new computer mouse at some stage. 

Making: I don’t know if you can’t this as technically making but I’ve been doing a lot of blog bit’s & pieces, just trying to get things organised for when I take time off over Christmas & New Year. 

Planning: A lot of Christmas planning has been going on as you could all probably imagine & I can only imagine that it’s the same for you all. I’ve also been doing a lot of blog planning & preparation for when I take a break over Christmas & New Year, like I mentioned earlier. So I’ve been doing a lot of planning over the past couple of weeks & next few weeks I’ll be busy trying to get things done before Christmas & busy planning bit’s & pieces for in the New Year. 

Loving: I’d love to be able to say that I’m loving the warm weather that summer has brought us so far, but as I’m writing this post, it’s incredibly miserable outside. It’s grey, cloudy & raining. In saying that, what I have been loving is all the festive spirit, all the decorations I’ve been seeing. If it wasn’t for all the decorations I’ve been seeing it definitely wouldn’t feel like Christmas & there’s a part of me that still doesn’t feel like it’s Christmas so fingers crossed the weather clears up soon & the sun decided to come out. 

B x

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