8 January 2017

Important Questions To Ask Yourself In The New Year

We all have reasonable & maybe some unreasonable resolution for 2017 that we’ve been thinking about as 2016 came to a close. Drinking more water, working out more often, finding a better work-life balance, the list goes on. Although there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a better year than the previous but we may be going the wrong way about setting our goals for 2017. 

I don’t know about you but I find that my New Years resolutions can be a bit demanding sometimes. I think before setting out New Years resolutions, we should ask ourselves some very important questions that will help us chart out course for 2017. 

1: What should I start? > Is there something new you’ve been waiting to try for awhile? You can always start a new hobby or activity whenever you like, but the New Year is always a good time to begin. Go ahead & take a chance because you don’t need to be an expert ever or at least al first. 

2: What should I stop? > There’s bound to be something in your life that’s keeping you stuck. Find out what it is & rid yourself of it ASAP. 

3: What should I do more of? > Make a list of all the activities & things you are doing & figure out whats making you happy. Then do more of it. 

4: What should I do less of? > It’s the same thing for this one. Maybe it’s the Japanese you’ve been taking lesson for three years now or the weekly yoga class that’s no longer making you happy. It’s only natural people change & their activities should change accordingly. 

5: What should I be grateful for? > Thanks giving isn’t the only time that we should give thanks for all the little or big things in out life that gives us joy. Family, friends, a job we love, take time to regularly reflect & express gratitude. 

Are there any certain questions you ask yourself at the beginning of every year?

B x

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