3 January 2017

Summer Essentials: What Keeps Me Going Through The Summer

You all know how much I love summer & I thought now that we are in the middle of summer, I would talk about all my summer essentials. These are the things that I carry around with me or keep in the car during the summer, the things that keep me going during the summer. 

No.001: Beach Towel; Carrying around a beach towel is great if I decide to go to the beach for a swim last minute or go to the river. It’s good to just have it there if I need it. 

No.002: Sunblock & Insect Repellant; You can never go wrong with carrying around extra sunblock & insect repellant. 

No.003: Waterproof Mascara; Waterproof mascara is a must have essential, during summer you get sweaty & then if you decide to go swimming, you definitely can’t go wrong with waterproof mascara. 

No.004: Music Device; Great summer music is something I can’t live without so a music device is an essential for me, whether it’s my phone or a bluetooth device. 

No.005: Sunglasses & Hat; Sunglasses & a hat are going to help protect you from the sun this summer, sunglasses are something I’m constantly reaching for, especially because I’m already blind enough as it is!

No.006: A Decent Drink Bottle; I simply say this because not only in summer, but all year around it’s important to stay hydrated & I find carrying a drink bottle around mens that I always have water or some kind of drink on me. 

No.007: A Good Book or Magazine; Good reading  material is something I always make sure I have, nothing beats sitting in the sun, on the beach with a  good book or magazine. 

No.008: Your Favourite Swim Suit; Find a swimsuit you adore & feel a hundred percent confident in. I live in my swimsuit in the summer so finding something that is comfortable is key.

What are your summer essentials?

B x

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