1 January 2017

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

2016 was an incredible year, it flew by so fast & I thought I would take a walk down memory lane.

January >> I took a trip to Blenheim, where I stayed a few nights before heading a Christchurch for a week. I travelled back to Nelson with my best friend & we spent the following two weeks. It was awesome fun & all up we spent three weeks together. 

February >> February was a crazy month, I started back studying which was great to get back into. I also went to whats called the Evolve Festival, it was amazing & I had the best time. I also took some time to visit my cousins, which was awesome. I can't believe how fast they're growing up!

March >> For the majority of March I spent time with my Nan & Pop. There were hospital appointments I attended with her & it was important that I spent that time with them, including my Mum. I also want to mention that I made the best Apple Pie, it was delicious & I was so proud that I didn't burn my house down. 

April >> My little sister came to stay towards the end of the month so that we could celebrate my birthday together. I was able to open my birthday presents from her but most of all I was grateful for the time I got to spend with her. And yes, my little sister brought me a 'Grow Your Own Boyfriend' for my 18th! 


June >> HAPPY 80TH TO MY POP! Celebrating my Pop's 80th was one the most memorable moments of 2016. I adore my Pop greatly & it was amazing to be able to celebrate his 80th with him & our family. 

July >> I took a trip to Christchurch to be with my sister when she had to tailbone operation. Nicole actually had her tailbone removed, this was a big operation & I'm happy I could be there for her & the first week of her recovery. 

August >> August was another special birthday month. I took another trip to Christchurch for about a little over a week. I went down for a very close families friends 40th birthday party. It was incredible & to be able to catch up with everyone all at one time was fantastic. I also got to have a small gathering with some of my closest friends I went to school with down there, that was also really amazing to catch up with the girls. Many great memories were made over that week. 

September >> September signifies my Mum's birthday which was a special day. We went for coffee & did a little shopping in the city. My sister also came for a visit in September, it was great to see her & have a good ole catch up. 

October >> The weather had started warming up by this point so some friends & I took advantage of the gorgeous weather & went to the beach, had a BBQ for dinner & had a few drinks afterwards. It was great fun & something we definitely are going to do again. 

November >> I finished school for the year, whoo!

December >> Christmas drinks with some of the most amazing people, so many great laughs & so many good memories made. It was a great way to celebrate the good year we all had. I also went to a 21st which was also great fun, it was good to catch up with those I haven't seen in awhile. 

B x

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