5 January 2017

Start Your Morning With An Aim

I’ve never been a morning person, however 2016 was the year that changed. I decided I wanted to make a change & that was the change I made. I’ve put several routines in place which have allowed me to become more of a morning person. Becoming a morning person has allowed me to be a lot more productive & when I’m more productive I genuinely feel good about myself & that I’ve made my most out of my day. 

Other people hate mornings with a passion for different yet equally legitimate reasons; some are night owls, some just don’t function before 10AM & some just need slightly more sleep than others. No matter what kind of person or not, naturally or not, getting out of bed in the morning can be the worst. 

I like to find the one thing in the upcoming day that I’m truly excited about & the following two things is how I do it. 

1: Make It Something Achievable & Let It Be Your Anchor
The thing I like to think of isn’t something ridiculous or a crazy goal I might not even be able to achieve. It’s an easy thing, it’s a comfortable thing, something that I’m sure of. When I say let it be your anchor, I mean find that one thing to look forward to because it’s like finding a light at the end of the tunnel on a bad day. Let it be your anchor when you feel like everything else in that day is out of control or not going the way you’d hoped. 

2: Don’t Allow Yourself To Skip It
If it’s what got you out if bed, then it means it’s important enough that you should’t let it fall. Don’t reschedule your happy moment for another day, It’s something worth smiling about & cherishing because no matter who small it is, it;s something totally worth waking up for. 

B x

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