15 January 2017

Shit I Keep In My Handbag

I'm going to keep this post quick but I thought I would discuss some of the shit I carry around with me. I ain't going to lie I keep a lot of unnecessary shit in my bag but in saying that, it's a comforting feeling knowing I have bits & pieces in my handbag if I need them, in case of an emergency. 

My handbag at the moment is a little black rucksack/backpack. There's no specific brand to it, I believe it was homemade & I bought it from a little boutique by the beach here in Nelson. I'm sure you'd be able to find something similar or more specifically tailored to your style, online. I guess it's just about finding something you really like & are going to enjoy using. 

To start with I have the basics like, wallet, keys, cellphone, spare phone charger plus the wall plug, lip balm & hand cream. But because my eyes don't work properly I also have to carry with me at least two pairs of glasses which include sunglasses & reading glasses. Headphones are always something I tend to have in my handbag as well because I think they're handy to just have on you if you need them. 

When it comes to the unnecessary items, they include several small perfumes & lip balms. I have a compact mirror, hand sanitiser, tissues & several loyalty cards where the majority of them never get used but if it means there's an opportunity to save money, your girl will have it! 

Let me know what you carry around in your handbag? Do you keep unnecessary shit in your handbag like I do?

B x

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