18 May 2017

Being Branded The 'Boring' One

I enjoy spending time at home. I consider myself a home body. I am often perceived as boring or unadventurous. Society has put this label on people whose ideal night doesn't involve alcohol and party after party. As you get older, it becomes more acceptable for people to choose to stay in but as a 19 year old, it's very different. I have an introverted personality so when I go out, it's because I genuinely want to but sometimes all I desire is to be surrounded by my own company.

I have no issue with people that consume alcohol and enjoy going to parties. I myself, have the occasional alcoholic beverage and I may go to parties every now and then. However I'm never the one to drink so much that I pass out and can't remember what happened. In fact, not remembering what happened the previous night when I wake up in the morning terrifies the crap out of me. For me, it comes down to having control of my decisions and actions. If I was to consume to much alcohol, just like everybody else, I would no longer have that control over those things and that terrifies me. So when it comes to society, I'm not consider the life of the party for the exact reasons above. 

I'm not say that consuming alcohol is not enjoyable because when I have a few drinks with family and friends, I always have a good time. But what I am trying to say is that just because my ideal night doesn't involve alcohol and party after party, or consuming so much alcohol that I pass out and can't remember anything in the morning, doesn't mean I'm boring or unadventurous. It just means that I prefer and enjoy doing different thing with my life.

Doubt and anxiety can have a influence in my life, I won't deny that and for a long time I thought I was weird because I didn't enjoy going out and drinking as much as my peers did. I came to the realisation that there's nothing wrong with me, I'm not weird for not enjoying something that my peers choose to do. It's just who I am and I've learnt to embrace it. 

If you are reading this and your ideal night involves activities other than alcohol and parties, please know that you're not weird. Not every 19 year old is out consuming crazy amounts of alcohol and partying. I know this because right now, I'm sitting at home, with Netflix on, cuddling my fur babies. 

B x

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