2 May 2017

Digital Dependency

In a world that is always connected, it’s simply a habit to have your phone in your hand 24/7. Even during times where being on it causes more stress and distractions, leaving your phone tucked away is a hard habit to break. On top of the random phone detoxes when we need them, we should also think about certain situations where our phones should be sacred. Here's a few places you & I can both work on not bring our phones along to. 

While Reading > I adore reading newspapers and magazines, especially over the weekends when I have a little more free time. Rather than checking my phone every time I get a notification, I want to embrace the articles I'm reading and learn as much as possible from them. 

In The Car > While I'm in the process of learning how to drive, this means I'm usually in the passenger seat. Rather than being on my phone, I want to relax and embrace my surrounding.

Walking > How often do you see people looking down at their phones while trying to get through human traffic? It’s pretty ridiculous that we feel that we have to be on our phones even while we’re walking. Let’s all save our phone time for while we’re at a desk or somewhere where we don’t risk walking into strangers, yeah?

In The Bathroom > Ok, don’t judge me. But how many of you also feel the need to take your phone to the toilet with you? It’s weird and even unsanitary but we still find ourselves doing it, right? I guess it just goes to show how connect we really are to our phones. 

During Meals > Although I’m pretty good at this, while out with friends or family or whether I’m at home, I still see people grabbing for there phones while eating. Not only is it rude if you’re with some else but how about thinking about what we’re doing in the present moment. You’re eating a meal, regardless of whether you’re with family, friends or by yourself, you don’t need to be on your phone. 

Family & Friends > I feel like this one is a given but I wanted to put it in here anyway. When you’re spending quality time with your family & friends, don’t be inclined to pick up your phone. Not only is it rude, but you’re wasting precious time you may never have again, checking Snapchat & Facebook notifications. It’s so not worth it. 

B x

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