30 May 2017

May 2017: Roundup, Highlights + Favourites

May has been a busy month, for all the reasons that didn't make April the busy month that it was. I've been trying to complete assessments, while still trying to do the extra book work. I've been posting to my blog and try to get posts scheduled for while I'm away next month and on top of all of that my health taken a slight decline and been a big pain in the butt. But none the less, May has been fantastic month, not to mention its my birthday month. 

2017 has been a crazy month for travelling. So far I haven't spend an entire 30 days at home and unfortunately it doesn't look like I will be until August. I generally really enjoy travelling but when you're doing it every month for extended periods of time and not under fantastic circumstances, it can be really draining and tiring. For the month of May I was only away for a weekend which wasn't to bad but the things I was doing were extremely mentally exhausting. Other than travelling I've just been super busy planning content for you guys and trying to complete assessments. 

I had a family friend come to see us from Christchurch, unfortunately it wasn't under great circumstances, her dog has cancer and they were visiting a vet here in Nelson that couldn't cure the cancer but potentially slow it down and make him pain free and more comfortable using natural remedies. So fingers crossed everything works out for the best. I had a birthday! I turned 19 and it was a great day. A big thank you to all of you who sent be lovely birthday messages. This month I also started bullet journaling and so far I'm loving it! I'll keep you updated on how I'm finding it. 

Just a few favourites this month. A couple of beauty products, a favourite content creator and a some favourite new programmes.

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Enamel 
Definitely one of my favourite nail polish collections. Check out the review I did early in the month, here.

Lush, Let The Good Times Roll Body and Facial Cleanser
This was given to me by my sister after she used it a couple of times and didn't like it, or liked it but didn't really do much for her skin. My opinion is slightly different, as you can guess since I'm talking about it in my favourites, I love it. I would say it's like a cleanser and exfoliator in one. I'll of course leave the link so you can read more in to it but just know that I really enjoy using this product and my skin enjoys it too!

The Sky Is Everywhere, Jandy Nelson
This month I have been reading 'The Sky Is Everywhere' by Jandy Nelson. I've really enjoyed reading the book and seeing how the character evolve throughout the novel. Check out my review I did early in the month, here, for more about my thoughts on the novel.

@bohoberry - Instagram and YouTube 
I've followed Kara for a long time before I even started my Bullet Journal and she is where I get a lot of my inspiration from. Check out her content on both her channel and Instagram, especially if you're into organisation and Bullet Journaling!

Bates Motel
Holy crap. I'm on the last season of Bates Motel at the moment and it only took me a few weeks to get there. I remember watching Psycho directed by Alfred Hitchcock in English for school and really enjoyed it, in fact I really enjoy a lot of Hitchcock's work from back in the '60s. I don't really know what to say apart from the fact that I've really enjoyed the show so far. Definitely have a look into to see if it's something you might be into.

Anne With An E
Another show I've started watching on Netflix is 'Anne With An E'. I'm only three or four episodes in but it's a beautiful story and I feel like they've picked the right actors and actress' to portray the characters in a way that really speaks to the audience. Love the show and will definitely continue to watch it!

Pretty Little Liars, Season 7B
The final season of Pretty Little Liars has finally started to air and it is so intense. If you've been following along you'll know what I mean. I adore the show and I can't wait to get all the answers we've been ever so patiently waiting for!

B x

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