28 May 2017

15 Minutes Of Productivity

We all have those moments when we're waiting for a friend, waiting for a meeting to start or in the line for the bathroom. Let's take advantage of those precious moments and increase our productivity, like a pro. 

Have 15 minutes spare? Now is the time to get these small things done. The next time you find yourself with some free time, try and complete one of these small but ever so productive tasks. 

Update Your To Do List
Working with a to do list is great for productivity but it needs updating every once and awhile. Prioritise your tasks and think of new ones. 

Delete Photos
Free up storage space on your phone and start to delete photos and screenshots you no longer need or want. 

Unsubscribe From Subscription Emails
Take 15 minutes to notice which emails you don't want to receive anymore and just with the hit of a button you can be unsubscribed. A tip would be to download the free app 'Unroll Me' which helps you go through all your email subscriptions and helps you decide which ones you'd like to keep and those that you wish to get rid of. 

Mediation is great if you feel like the day is beginning to get on top of you. Find a quiet spot and go for a quick guided mediation or just some deep breathing. 

Go For A Walk 
I don't know how many of you would consider going for a walk productive but I know that for me personally, getting some fresh air outside and going for a walk can help clear my mind while helping me get back into the right mindset to get shit done. 

B x 

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