18 July 2017

Organisation: Four Things You Can Achieve Today

You all know that I'm an organisation enthusiast. Organisation is a big part of my day to day life. If I'm organised it means that my day is going to run as smoothly as possible but it also means that I can be productive too. Here are four things you can do today which will help you lead an organised life. 

Clear Out Your Handbag
Honestly, my handbag collects so much crap in it, sometimes I wonder how. I'm trying to get into the routine where the only things left in my handbag at the end of the day are my keys and my wallet. This way in the morning, I'm only putting things in my handbag that I need that day. You'd also be surprised how much lighter it makes your handbag too. Clearing out your handbag really doesn't take long and it means you're able to find what you need when you actually need it. 

Sort Clothes Draws
By this I don't necessarily mean doing a full closet clear out but more just making sure what needs to be hung up is exactly that, hung up and those clothes in your draws are folded and everything is neat. Having my clothes in the organised places they belong means that I know where everything is and that I'm not going to be a frantic mess when trying to find something to wear in the mornings. 

Your Nightstand
I don't know about you guys but for some reason my nightstand collects magazines, books, different chargers, lip balms, you name it. Sorting out your nightstand and putting away all the odds and sods will not only make your room look a lot cleaner but it'll also create a clear space for you to look at has to head of to sleep. 

Organise Linens
This was one of the main things we had to organise when we received my Grandparent's belongings. Believe it or not, my Nan was the queen of linen but to be fair I think we all hoard linen, right? It was the perfect opportunity for us to go through our linen cupboard and get rid of anything that we didn't need or had to many of. It really didn't take us long and to be fair, our linen cupboard looks way better for it. 

B x

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