23 July 2017

Four Things I'm Trying To Implement Into My Evenings

Evenings are my favourite time of the day and with that being said, I've been trying to implement a few new things into my evening routine. Before I was implementing any of these things into my routine, I had a pretty basic routine. It was very simple and it worked well for me but there were a few things I wanted to add to it which would change my routine up a bit.

I'll leave my 'Sweet and Simple Evening Routine' post linked here, which covers the bare basics of my evening routine. 

Power Off Laptop Earlier
I would usually finish up my day around 730PM, however I'd love to be finishing up my day slightly earlier and taking that extra time to pamper and look after myself. I don't think there is any specific amount of time that you should or should not be spend looking after yourself. Finishing up my day slightly earlier means that I'll have an extra hour or so to myself where I can relax and mentally prepare for the following day. 

Cooking From Scratch 
It's simple, I love cooking and I want to start being a lot more creative with it. Trying new meals and foods I have tried before. 

Less Phone Scrolling, More Reading
Although I do read, I feel like I could put my phone down and be reading a lot more. Reading is something I've always loved but I struggle to find the time to do it. If I was to put down my phone, stop scrolling and pick up a book then I think I'd find I have a little extra time to read. 

Mediation is a staple in my morning routine and I want to become a staple in my evening routine as well. Mediation has so many benefits and I think it's going to be the perfect way to relax after a busy day. 

B x 

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