30 July 2017

July 2017: Roundups, Highlights + Favourites

July has been a super busy month. For two weeks of July we had people staying with us, friends and family. It was really good to see everybody and catch up but its also been great to get back into a routine. It was good to take some time off over the month of July to spend with loved ones, but I'm excited to get back into things. 


Before purchasing this for myself, I had used it previously while doing my makeup with friends. I was really impressed. It blends beautifully and looks so natural on the skin. I wish I had purchased one for myself sooner.

Blush products weren't really my thing in the past, probably because I've always really had naturally flushed cheeks. Over the past year, I have been experimenting with different blush products and this one by Revlon is a current favourite of mine. I adore this blush, and I wasn't surprised because I throughly enjoy a range of Revlon's face products. The blush applies beautifully, but what I like most about the product it the natural colour it leaves on your cheeks.

I mentioned this lipstick in a post, 'Staple Nude Lip' which I'll leave linked, and I go into more detail about the product in that post. But I adore this lip colour, and as the name of the post suggests, it's one of my staples. 

Lush do some of the most beautiful lip scrubs, and during the colder months they're exactly what I need. My lips get super dry and dehydrated in the colder months, and Lush's lip scrubs are great for getting rid of any dry skin on the lips. 

I mentioned this in my 'In-Depth Skincare Routine' and I talked about how much I enjoy using it. If you are looking for a new eye cream, I highly encourage you to look into this one. It's super hydrating due to rosehip and almond oils used but it's also packed with lots of great vitamins for your skin. 

B x

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