14 March 2019

Sanity | 4 Ways I Keep Myself Sanity In Check

Every week presents its challenges & if I’m not careful it can effect my sanity. With the crazy combination of work, relationships, social life & then everything else that comes along with being an adult, I started to feel like I had hardly anytime for me, myself & I. I began to lose touch with my surroundings & in turn, lost touch with a sense of myself. I knew this needed to change stat. So, I started doing more of what made me happy, more of what made me mindful & more of what made me smile. 

Here are few little things that I try to do for myself on a weekly, if not daily basis, to help make my day a little better & a little brighter. 

Buying Flowers For Myself
To me, this action feels like a small yet impactful way for me to feel appreciation & love for myself - two things of which I need to remind myself I deserve. For me, flowers just add something special to a room & sparks happiness. I’m alway filled with positive sentiments when I see fresh flowers in my home. There’s nothing sad about freshly cut flowers. 

Slowing Down
You know the drill - live fast, die young. Great idea in theory but the thing is, I don’t want to die young. More often than not I was running around on a daily basis trying to get tasks ticked off my today list & I wasn’t taking in the world around me. For example, as soon as I would wake up in the morning I’d be on my phone checking emails, checking notifications. I’d then have set my mind off for the rest of the day with a million other things to think about. It’s ridiculous how fast paced we are right from the moment we open our eyes. While my days can be busy, I try to make sure my mornings & evenings aren’t so much. That’s my time to slow down, relax & take time for me. Live slow & die old I reckon. 

Headphones, I Don’t Wear Them
I hardly wore headphones as it was but to me when I did it was like I was blocking everything else out around me, all those immediate things that are happening. And while sometimes that’s not a bad thing, it was like I had no interaction with the ‘outside world’. Maybe that’s just me, I’m not sure but it’s like I’m taking a small step in my personal journey in discovering my immediate environment.

Sharing A Smile
One of my biggest pet peeves is when people tell me I should smile more. I don’t know what it is but to me, if I was to constantly walk round with a smile on my face 24/7 I’d look like a bit odd. And the truth is, I’m not always happy either & I don’t always feel like sharing a smile BUT I know how powerful a smile can be. How it can change someones day in an instant. With that being said, Im definitely a lot more aware of how often I smile, how it can positively effect someone else but also how it can incredible it can make us feel as well. 

B x 

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