10 March 2019

Habits That Have Made Me Happier

Unlocking the secret to happiness is one of life’s biggest questions. While we tend to assume it’s the biggest things; a new house, marriage or a job promotion; that brings contentment but I find it’s actually that little tings that boosts my happiness more significantly. Over time I’ve learnt that healthy daily habits have not only made my life easier but also improved my physical & mental health. 

There are three habits that I’ve started in 2019, focused on my mental health more than anything, that have over the past 2 months made a significant difference to my mental health. And while I appreciate that everyone is different, that hopefully my sharing my experience will inspire some of you to make some positive changes in your life too. 

I plan to cover this in a lot more detail in an individual post later in the month but for the longest time now I’ve said that I adore reading but I simply just never had the time to do it. The reality is though, I did have time but I was prioritising reading. Now that I’ve scheduled time, 30 minutes daily, to reading it’s like I’ve fallen in love with it all over again. Reading offers so many benefits to our lives & I don’t think any of us do it enough. 

Write, Journal & Gratitude
Putting pen to paper is what I turn to when I need to completely clear my mind. I don’t believe there is anything more beneficial. Whether I’m subconsciously or consciously writing, putting any thoughts I have to paper sets me up mentally for whatever needs tackling in the future. Gratitude is something we should all be thinking about, if not writing it down. Being grateful not only making the world a better place, but also helps being peace & thankfulness into your own life.

Planning & Organisation
Most of you will now how much of a planning & organisation freak I am but without it I’d be completely lost & chances are I wouldn’t be very productive. When it comes to planning my day, it’s really just about setting out & thinking about what needs to get done, on what day & when it needs to be done by. Also thinking about where I need to be for meetings, appointments or events & organising tasks around those things. 

B x

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