12 March 2019

My Joy List | Things That Make Me Happy

We should all spend more time focusing on what makes us happy. I would like to share a few simple things that are bringing me joy at the moment. Joy cane be found anywhere, even in the smallest things. Life is simply better when you can find the joy & beauty in everything. 

Slow Mornings
Mornings where I have no meetings, appointments or obligations & I’m able to do my full morning routine. It’s time in the morning to really focus on me. Journal, medicate, stretch, have a cup of tea & take some time for self care. 

Fresh Flowers
My Nan always had the most beautiful flower garden & nothing makes me more happy than having fresh flowers in the house, reminding me of my Nan. Having flowers in my home is such a simple addition yet can make such a different to any room. The make the space feel pretty, lively & homely. 

My fur baby brings me nothing but joy. Sylvie gives the best cuddles & some of the cutest head butts. Nothing melts my heart more than he does. 

Clean & Tidy Home
I always feel like theres a mess that needs cleaning or tidying up & it drives me crazy at the best of times. However, after actually giving my home a deep clean & my space a tidy up I always feel like everything becomes a lot more pleasant. Cleaning & tidying my home can be annoying at the best of times but ultimately it’s always leads me to joy. And also being more productive which is always handy. 

Journaling & Writing
Journaling out my thoughts & what I’m grateful for really helps me clean my mind. I always feel so relaxed & light after a writing/journaling session. It’s definitely one of my favourite self care practices & one that I would recommend to anyone. 

Skincare & Makeup
I have so much fun playing around with makeup as a creative expression. I adore experimenting with products, colours & style. It’s kind of like painting but on your face. It’s a form of art I throughly enjoy. It’s the same in regards to skincare. Trying new products is my favourite things to do but it’s also really interesting learning about what products are best for what skin types & what ingredients do what to & for the skin. 

These are just a few of the things that bring me joy & I hope it sparks some inspiration in you to dig deeper & find what brings you joy in your life. 

B x 

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