26 March 2019

They Are Us | Christchurch Mosque Attack

It's safe to say over the past week I've been very distant. I've been drained for words, filled with sadness & grief for my Muslim brothers & sisters but also my community, my city, my country. 

On the 15 March 2019 during Friday Prayers there were two consecutive terrorist attacks at mosques in Christchurch. The attacks began at Al Noor Mosque in the suburb of Riccarton at 140PM & continued at the Linwood Islamic Mosque at about 155PM. The death toll currently sits at 50, with 42 at Al Noor Mosque, 7 at Linwood Islamic Mosque & 1 later in hospital. There are still several victims in hospital who have been critically injured. 

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called the attack an "act of extreme & unprecedented violence" & "one of New Zealand's darkest days". 

"This is because this is humanity. We are consistently afraid of who we do not know & we turn a blind eye to things that do not effect us personally. And yet, since Friday, I have also seen some good. The discussions & debates that were needed badly, are now at the forefront. People are mobilising & becoming allies. Just last night a good friend told me how she is set on calling out racism when she sees it, she started with telling off her own Mum. We need to call it out, call it in protest it. Speak up when you see it on the street, in the media or even in your own home. Allow those who were not given the chance before to speak up. Reject the endless hate that continually infiltrates out online forums & comment sections, or get rid of them for good. Sign the petitions, vote & support those who are already fighting it. We need to do this if we are ever to become the 'us' we imagined we always were." - Villianesse 

Below I'm going to link some articles that have been released over the past week that I think are worth the read, regarding the attacks. It's important that we are respectful of everyone opinions & at the same time let ourselves learn from others opinions. 

B x 

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