4 June 2019

Looking After You | 10 Day Self Care Challenge

Today is a bit of a different post from me. You all know how much I am into & promote self care & self love so I wanted to share this wee challenge originally created by Tami Walker from @wonderforest. It’s 10 prompts over 10 days to help improve confidence & self-esteem, mental health & stress levels, your physical health & to help to get to know yourself better. Tami’s hopes for this challenge was to help us realise ways in which we need to care for ourselves better & to help us make that more of a habit. I think Tami has done a fantastic jobs with the 10 prompts & they’re the perfect way to think about why & how we can start taking better care of ourselves on a more regular basis. 

I’ll leave Tami’s post linked along with the prompts directly from her post. 

Day One: Drink 8 Glasses Of Water
It’s recommends that you drink 8 glasses of water a day but so many of us struggle with actually doing this. Some people don’t like water, some just prefer other drinks. There are ways to make drinking water easier for you though. We all know how important it is for both our physical & mental health & it’s one of the most basic forms of self-care. You can keep tracker of this in your planner or bullet journal to make sure you get it done! 

Day Two: Listen To A Positive Podcast
There are tones of podcasts out there on pretty much every topic under the sun. Self-improvement is a wonderful form of self-care, so listen to a podcast that will help you make positive changes in yourself or in your life. Here’s a great list of great podcasts for personal growth that you can choose from. 

Day Three: Spend Time In Nature
Nature is a calming place for most people. The fresh air, the beauty & the solitude of nature can help clear your mind, increase your creativity, lower your stress levels & become more mindful among many other benefits. Plus, Vitamin D from the sun has many benefits. Take some time to go outside & take a walk or just sit in nature & take note of your surrounding. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, this can also help keep your symptoms at bay. 

Day Four: Pamper Yourself
Pampering yourself is probably the most popular form of self-care & for good reason. Pampering not only helps you relax & take a break, but it can also help you feel good about yourself. When you take the time to use a face mask, make yourself a hair mask, paint your nails or take a nice bath, you’re telling yourself you’re worth the effort. You’re putting time & energy into yourself & letting yourself know that you’re worthy. 

Day Five: Write In Your Journal Or Start One 
Journaling is my favourite form of self-care, probably because of the massive amounts of benefits that it can bring into your life. It can help you process your emotions, feel calmer, be more mindful, achieve your goals, stay organised & way more. So, start a journal or make it a point to write in one that you have. You can use a traditional journal, a bullet journal, a computer document or even a journaling app. 

Day Six: Go To Bed Early
It’s recommended that an adult gets 6-8 hours sleep a night but this is yet another thing most people struggle with. Getting too little of sleep can leave you feeling groggy, low on energy, grumpy & it can even cause a cold or illness. If this is something that you struggle with, go to bed early & try to sleep for 6-8 hours. If you’re someone who over-sleeps, you could set your alarm for a bit earlier to make sure you’re only getting 6-8 hours. Either way, you’ll feel better in thew morning. 

Day Seven: Do A Random Act Of Kindness
Few things make us feel as good as doing something kind or generous for someone else plus is spreads positivity around - which the world sorely needs. So, pay for the personal behind you in a drive-thru line, donate items or money to a charity, give someone a genuine compliment, purchase someone a gift or do something else that you can think of. 

Day Eight: Find Something To Laugh About 
Laugher is really the best medicine & it can do so much for our health. So, do something that makes you laugh today & preferably everyday. You could watching funny movies/videos/shows, read a funny book, talk to someone who makes you laugh, play with a silly pet or look at funny memes online. 

Day Nine: Write A Letter To Yourself
Or make a list of things you love about yourself. I know it may seem silly or pointless but this can so so much for your subconscious & it can help you in more ways that one. Write a genuine letter about how much you love yourself. Be descriptive & detailed. Or write out a list of things that you love for yourself - as many things as you can think of. You can put this not or list away to read whenever you’re feeling low about yourself. 

Day Ten: Declutter
When my house is a mess, my brain feels like a mess plus my mood & motivation will go downhill. Decluttering whatever room you spend the most time in doesn’t take much time but it can give you a load of benefits. Your brain will feel more organised & you will feel more calm & focused. 

B x 

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