25 June 2019

Overcoming Fear & Embracing Change

We all know what it's like to experience fear & change. For some of us, it's not always the greatest experience & that's why I wanted to share a post with you today that goes into depth about how we can overcome fear & embrace change in our lives.

I stumbled across this post a few months ago by Paula of at Thirteen Thoughts & I thought about writing something similar but I couldn't seem to gather my thoughts & put them into words as well as I believe Paula did in her post. I really resonated with the post at the time I first read it & I think it's something should have a little read of.

"We allow fear to stop us, to control us, all the time. We see challenges as obstacles & we run away from them. Seems like a logical thing to do, doesn't it? You can, however, see it all as an opportunity. You can't give up on something just because it's scary, challenging or difficult. If you ask me, waking up one day to a heart full of nothing but regret & a mind full of 'what ifs' is even more frightening."

B x

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