23 June 2019

Rise & Shine | Morning Routine: Winter Edition

You know ya girl is all about routines & I haven't posted a winter edition in regards to my morning routine since 2017 so it's time for an update. I’ve kept it simple as always with some of the more basic parts still in my routine. I’ve spoken before about how important routines are in my life & how having a routine making life so much easier for myself personally & helps create a calm & inviting start to the day. 

I’ll start by day by waking up any time before 9AM. As someone with CFS it’s important that I rest my body to the best of my ability everyday & listen to what my body is asking for. That being said, my wake up times can vary depending on how I’m feeling but my overall goal is to be up by 9AM which then allows me to make the most of my day. Once I’m up & about, I’ll make my bed. It’s the first thing I do once I’m up & it has been for the longest time. I’ll also have a bit of a tidy up in my bedroom & this is not only because I prefer a tidy space but my bedroom is also my work environment. So to have what I feel like is a productive & efficient day, I must have a tidy space which also helps with a tidy mind. It’s then time to hydrate & take my medication & supplements. I’ll then flick on the jug to make a hot drink & while the jug is boiling is usually when I get dressed for the day.

It’s breakfast time! I don’t normally eat a hell of a lot in the mornings, it’s just always been that way. I will try to have a couple of bits of fruit & if I’m feeling particularly hungry I’ll usually make myself some kind of smoothie which always does a fantastic job of fulling me up. I then move into the bathroom to brush my teeth, complete my skincare routine & do my hair. After all of that comes the fun part, makeup! 

Now that I’m physically ready for my day, I must get mentally ready for my day. This is the time that I sit down & do a bit of journaling. I’ll also pull out my planner & do some daily planning. If I have time I will also try & fit in about 15-20 minutes of reading. I don’t tend to stress to much if I don’t get a chance to read in the mornings because I designate time in the evening to do so. However sometimes it good to have sometime to yourself before a busy day to just sit & read. 

After all that, I feel I can start my day in the right way. I’ve given myself the best chance to be productive & efficient throughout my day & the opportunity to get shit done. If you have any specific tips or tricks that you think help you with getting your day off to the right start definitely drop them below in the comments! We’d love to hear any of your ideas! 

B x 

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