9 June 2019

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Weekends Feel Longer

Have you ever got to a Monday morning & wondered where your weekend as gone? There’s a few secrets to making them feel longer, you know? It requires a plan & filling up your hours. I only learnt these a few months ago but they’ve made such a huge difference I wanted to share them with you today. 

Contrary to popular belief, actually doing nothing isn’t really good for you. It doesn’t encourage rest, it doesn’t allow you to regroup & make a better plan for the week, all it does is make your weekend go faster. 

Don’t Do Nothing
Yes I know, the weekend is meant to be for rest but doing nothing but chilling in front of the TV is not good for you. Your weekend will pass by in a flash & eventually all your weekends will become a blur. You need a plan, even just a loose one. You don’t want to take the fun out of your weekend by over planning but you do want a loose idea of what you would like to spend your time on. Decide what important tasks you’d like to tick off, do you want to get ahead with any particular hobbies? Or do you have self care & wellness goals for the weekend? Do you have time for a facial or a massage? Do you have time to spend with your family & friends? If you can schedule it in, you’ll feel like you’ve had a really productive weekend which lasted a thousand years opposed to just a few days. 

Stop Over Planning
If you’re anything like me, over planning is easy. Your friends decide they’d love to come over on Saturday afternoon & all of sudden it’s a party the requires a theme & a shopping list. It may not be how you planned to spend your weekend but when you spend so much time stressing about something, it’s going to fly by even quicker. The best thing to do would be to let it go. Plan well by planning a little. 

Try Something That Scares You
The more things you do that you don’t feel like doing, the more the world will open up to you. Take adventurous road trips, go rock climbing, enrol in a class you’ve always wanted to take. Do something that terrifies you just to prove to yourself that you can do it. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone as often as possible & the results will surprise you. 

Stop The Sunday Blues
Even if you love your job, the Sunday blues are a real thing. When you start to think about what’s looming on Monday, whether is’s a performance review, an important meeting or just your commute, you can feel a bit weary. Don’t give in to that feeling. Give yourself something to look forward to. It might be a family dinner or even a self care & wellness evening. It’s important that you acknowledge your feelings & remind yourself that every Monday so far you’ve survived & thrived - & every Monday that’s coming, no matter what, you’ll smash it! 

Give Yourself Some Rituals
Create rituals that you swear by. Every weekend you might have a bath, do yoga or walk the dog for an hour. These are your rituals, they’re things that help you gather some perspective, give your brain a rest from the week & get your head in the game. These are things that will help encourage productivity & help you perform to the best of your abilities. They will also help in increase that feeling of having more hours in the day & giving you a sense of perspective about your weekend. You’ll look back on it with that feeling of achievement & amazement of how you managed to get so much done in just two days. 

B x 

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