28 July 2019

The Best Nail Polishes To Wear This Winter | Product Review

Having a freshly done manicure is something that makes me feel ready to take on the world even more so I think because I used to be a really bad nail bitter & now that I’ve let my nails grow & do their own thing, I’ve even more in love with manicures. There are some shades that I’ve been really loving at the moment & a particular brand I’d love to mention.

Essie is the go-to nail brand for salon professional, beauty junkies, industry insiders, celebrities & fashion icons around the world. America’s nail salon expert, Essie aims to inspire a love for the manicure experience with a wit & style that touches people everywhere.” 

Essie is one of the best brands I’ve found when It comes to the quality of the product including how well it applies & longevity of the polish lasting on the nails. 

A beautiful cream, warm nude shade that is super flattering on the nail. It’s one of those shades that’s perfect with any outfit. 

Something slightly darker but still really beautiful on the nails. I adore darker shades in the winter so this has been an all time favourite. 

Something a lot more cooler in regards to tone but again still really gorgeous on the nails. I really love this polish for when I’m looking for a really fresh look. 

B x

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