8 October 2019

3 Signs You're Starting To Burnout

Back in July I posted about 'Overcoming Burnout', which will be linked if you'd like to read it but I wanted to follow up with this post about 3 signs that you make notice when you're on the path on burnout. 

I get it, it can be easy to program ourselves on autopilot & grind until we crumble. The problem with that is we can lose balance in our time & miss out on rest. What is rest you ask? It's like that old friend from High School you message every few months on Facebook & ask to get together but never do. But you'll be contacting her again to chat about plans again even though it'll probably never happen again. Yeah, let's not do that with rest. 

Here are three things you can observe about how you feel that are most probably red flags, that you need to rest & need to make that date stat. 

Lack Of Motivation
If just thinking about all the tasks & projects & that aspects of it doesn't get you excited in the morning, it's time to take a break. It's okay & it's healthy for you to stop working for a day or two. Allow yourself a real weekend & do something totally different. In order to be motivated, we usually have to be creatively stimulated. Some days we just don't want to cheer ourselves on or continue with whatever we're working on. That is a definite sign that rest should be added to the to-do list. 

Lack Of Inspiration
Yeah I get it. No matter how many doodles you do or notes you scribble, it's just not working. You're starting to dislike what you're creating & that won't win over anyone. Especially not yourself. This might be a good time to take a break & get outside. Get a coffee, put in some ear buds & take a walk around the block. Call up a good friend for a Netflix binge-sesh & a pizza party for two. Rest in laughter & friendly conversation. Be present for a bit & inspiration will find you. 

Lack Of Excitement 
Sometimes we are motivated & inspired but then afterwards we lose excitement over something we have made. We feel disappointed with the final results & our attitude is slumped. It's that feeling you get when you try something different off the menu at your favourite restaurant, only to wish you would have gone with what you normally order. When this happens it's time to just create something for fun. No expectations. Rest in your happy place & get your mind back to why you started in the first place. This will hopefully help you center your focus back on what's important - doing what you love. 

B x 

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