15 October 2019

Six Of My Favourite Homebody Activities

At this point I feel like it's no secret that I'm a complete homebody & nothing makes me happier than spending the day just pottering around home. I know I can't be alone in my homebody ways so I've rounded up some of my favourite activities to share with you & of course, I'd love to know yours too. 

Styling & Rearranging 
Something I've always loved doing since I was a kid was rearranging my bedroom. And when you spend so much time in your surroundings it's natural to want to switch things up every now & then. Repainting or buying new furniture isn't always an option but having a little rearrange is always something that is feasible. Generally, as the seasons are changing is my favourite time to switch my surroundings up especially in Winter & Autumn when we tend to be tucked away in our own spaces more. 

I think a lot of people presume to take pictures they need to be out & about but setting up small life set ups at home can be one of the best ways to build on your own personal skill. Even if you don't use the images, it doesn't mean it's been a waster of time. It's one of those activities that 'practice will make perfect' & what better way to do that at home. 

Probably one of the more classic homebody activities & after I've had a long day, reading has the ability to instantly take me into another world, away from my own & away from my thoughts. I've always believed that reading is great for learning but also building on writing skills. Writing comes naturally to me & is something I've always been passionate about & reading more & more on a wide spectrum is something that has helped so much with building skill. 

As much as I love a good ole Netflix series like Gilmore Girls, I'm also a huge lover of documentaries. You get to wind down & relax but you're also learning something at the same time. 

Some of my favourite beauty practices & rituals happen right in the comfort of my home. I always like to make sure that I carve out some time in my schedule so that I can slick on a fresh manicure & treat my skin to some of my favourite masks. They're all reasonably small things to do but make all the difference in how I feel. 

Colouring In 
A bit of an odd activitiy, I know but there's just something about colouring in that is super relaxing. Maybe because it takes me back in my childhood, I don't know but there are some really amazing adult colouring in books out there you can play around with, that makes the whole process so much more exciting. 

B x 

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