5 April 2016

April To Do List

Well here we are in the fourth month of 2016. Honestly, where have the last three months gone! I'm 18 at the beginning of next month & I'm definitely not ready to grow up! Anyway, I thought I'd compile a bunch of things that I would like to achieve this month & who knows, there might be something on my list that you would like to achieve too!

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1 // Eating healthier. After indulging in a few to many Easter Eggs last month, I plan to cut out the majority of all unhealthy foods & snacks. In saying that, we are aloud a little treat every now & then right?

2 // Make the most of all the warm sunny days left before Winter really arrives. I want to spend more time outdoors in those days, once the rain & cold weather is here we're going to be limited to what we can do outdoors.

3 // Pick up a few new makeup bits & pieces. I'm not sure exactly what yet but let me know if there is anything specific you think I need to try out! There are a few new Maybelline & Rimmel products that I'd like to try, maybe I'll start there!

4 // Explore & be more creative in the kitchen. Along with the healthy eating I'd love to explore a bit more when it comes to taste & the meals I create

5 // Find a really nice leather jacket to add to my winter fashion collection. A leather jacket is something that I have always wanted to invest in & I think Winter 2016 is going to be the year where it finally getting added to my wardrobe!

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