17 April 2016

REVIEW: Konjac Sponge

📷  // ME

I mentioned in my 'Monthly Favourites // March 2016' that I was going to do a review on my Konjac Sponge & here it is! My Konjac Sponge has been my holy grail skincare tool for awhile now! I absolutely love it & I think it's something that you guys will love too! I'm not going to talk to much about the actual product because I think that it would be more beneficial for you guys to check out the website, the website has loads of information & they have everything you need to know on there. What I will talk about is my opinion & my experience with Konjac Sponges. 

So this is my second Konjac Sponge & it is safe you say that I absolutely adore this tool. You can use it with your daily facial cleanser or you can just use it wet. You have the sponge under running water until it inflates, very similar to a beauty blender. Then you would either apply your cleanser & go straight in with the sponge on to your face & start massaging! I find that it is a light exfoliant & really helps remove that extra bit of gunk from your skin. I love how the sponge makes my skin feel after I've been using it. From what I've been told the sponge lasts up to three months which I think a reasonable amount of time. When finished with the sponge you simply just rinse it out & hang it up somewhere to dry. They have lots of different products so I recommend doing a little bit of research so that you can find the right product for you. 

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