12 May 2016

Review: BH Cosmetics Ultimate Lips 28 Colour Lipstick Palette

Before jumping into my opinions on the palette I'm going to reference the website so that you can know a little bit about what they claim the product to like & all that good stuff. 

The ultimate lip palette for professional makeup artists or those that like to change their lip colour as often as their mood changes. Highly pigmented shades that range from nudes to deep reds, you'll find a shade for every occasion. Shades can be worn sheer & natural  or layered for a bold dramatic look. You can also custom blend a shade for an original look that stands out amongst the rest. 

Features & Benefits: 
- Full Coverage 
- Hydrating 
- Long Wearing 
- Customisable Colours
- Paraben Free 

That is was the BH Cosmetic site has to say about their lip palette & now lets jump to my opinions on the product. I wasn't a hundred percent sure about how the product would apply to the lips, I was expecting the product to be dry & not apply evenly at all, however, that first opinion did change very quickly. I found the lipsticks to be incredibly moisturising & pigmented exactly like the website suggests. Although they are moisturising I didn't find them to be too slippery on the lips.  I was also rather surprised at the staying power the these lipsticks, although I did notice fading after I had eaten & had a drink or two but I think the pretty standard with most lipsticks. 

Overall I really enjoyed these lipsticks. For the price, I really think it's worth it, especially if you're looking to try some new lipstick shades. Along with the 'BH Cosmetics Ultimate Lips 28 Colour Lipstick Palette' they also have a nudes palette too, 'BH Cosmetics Nude Lips 28 Colour Lipstick Palette'. I'll leave the links so you can check them out for yourself if you want too. 

If you have tried either of these palettes or have some lipstick recommendations then drop them in the comments below! 

B x

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