1 May 2016

Period Pals

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Some of us have it pretty easy when it comes to our periods & then some of us come close to what feels like hell. Which ever one you want to identify yourself with, I hope some of these tips can help you somewhat handle it all. The tips that will be mentioning are the things that I either put into my everyday routine while I'm on my period or just things that I enjoy doing during that time & what will make me feel most comfortable.

I tend to break out when I'm due & while I'm on my period. It generally is a big mountain sitting on my face & it doesn't always come to anything but when it does, I try my hardest not to pick at it. I'm someone that always tends to pick when I have blemishes & I know that it is bad for your skin but I can never help myself. Sometimes I will just get clusters of little spots, but I think no matter what you skin is like while you're on your period, whether you have blemishes or not, it's really lovely just to pamper & look after your skin in this time in particular.

THE BODY SHOP TEE TREE RANGE: I really enjoy this range whether I'm on my period or not, but one of the reasons that I really enjoy it while on my period is because I find it very clarifying & tee tree is great for breakouts & blemishes. Specifically I use the, 'Tee Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash'. It helps to remove any excess oils without being to over-drying on the skin. Tee Tree is great for blemishes because it is anti-bacterial & great for healing 'wounds', so great for those blemishes you've been picking at! Opps.

THE BODY SHOP SEAWEED RANGE: Again, this is a range that I really enjoy using regardless of whether I'm on my period or not. Specifically, while on my period I love using the 'Seaweed Oil Balancing Mask'. It's a deep cleansing face mask treatment with algae extracts & combined with natural ionic clay action to draw impurities from the pores & absorb the excess oils. It also has minerals which is going to help condition & revitalise the skin. I think that this product is great for when you are breaking out & when you want to treat your skin. I really do enjoy this product.

If it isn't already obvious there is a lot going on in your body at this time. Even in the pre & post days of your period. It effects our bodies all differently, so I think it's important to do what feels right for you & find what works well for you. Some people are going to LOVE exercise during their period whereas others can't physically bring themselves to move or uncurl their sore, aching body from the comfortable position they've found themselves in.

SCRUB & MOISTURISE: I always like to give my body an exfoliate & then put on the really nourishing moisturiser. Something that has a gorgeous fresh scent. After exfoliating my body & putting on moisturiser I always feel amazing, it's an amazing yet simple pick me up.

YOGA: Yoga is something that I really enjoy doing regardless of whether I'm on my period or not. I was recommended 'Sara Beth Yoga' on YouTube & I've briefly looked over her videos but I really just enjoy doing any simple classes from YouTube or just online in general. While on your period, I think that it's great if you can move your body in some way & I think Yoga is perfect as it can be gentle on the body but also super effective.

GET OUTSIDE: During my period I find myself wanting to curl up in a ball & stay in bed all day. I know that if I actually remove myself from my bed & take a few steps outside I'll feel so much better. I find getting outside & getting some fresh air always helps calm my body & clear my mind. Gently moving my body & getting some fresh air helps me get out that temporary funk.

HYDRATE: Although this is important regardless of what time of the month it is, I find that I especially need to keep hydrated during the week of my period. I think this is mainly because during the week of my period I tend to forget to look after myself & drinking fresh, chilled water is just always really nice. Beside the water, I really enjoy a glass of cranberry juice or just a variety of different teas.

HOT WATER BOTTLE: My hot water bottle basically goes everywhere with me when I'm on my period. I sometimes use wheat bags, but I find that a hot water bottle holds the heat for a lot longer than anything else. Although heat has therapeutic properties I also think it just comes with feeling comfortable & cosy! I suffer with really bad cramps & the second & third day are generally the worst. You'd probably find me at some point, with a hot water bottle on my tummy & a wheat bag across my lower back.

TRACK YOUR PERIOD: Not only is this good for the physical reasons like when you can expect your period but also when your hormones are all over the places it's nice to be able to know the your PMS symptoms are probably the cause of the way you're feeling. There are so many different apps you can use for this, however the app that I like to use is called 'Glow' & there is another that is called 'Eve' which is basically a simple version of 'Glow' I guess. I really enjoy using 'Glow' & my favourite feature would have to be that everyone that uses the app has their own account & we are all like a little community. In the community you can ask questions about all sorts of things & then people are able to reply if they have anything helpful to share. I think it's a great way for women to be able to talk about what's going on with there bodies at this time & not be ashamed about it! Definitely work checking it out if you're looking for a new app to track your period with.

Just like it is important to look after your body, it's important to look after our mind too. I think we forget sometimes that our mind is just an important as our body.

MEDIATION: Mediation is again something I really enjoy doing regardless the time of the month. Mediation is great for the mind & I try to do it as often as possible. I find mediation really calming, not only for my mind but my body also benefits from it to. Mediation can be quite hard to start off with & there are apps, YouTube & all that good stuff that will help you along the way. If you would like some recommendations then just let me know!

TREAT YOURSELF: Indulge in something that you wouldn't normally. You can pick one or more things that maybe you would normally treat yourself in, whether is it a specific face mask or a specific bubble bath, maybe it's some chocolate & you're favourite glossy magazine. Treat yourself & don't feel guilty about it because you deserve it.

Hopefully this has been helpful in some way or another! Let me know in the comments some of the things that you like to do during you're period to treat & look after yourself!

B x

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