17 May 2016

Ten Beauty Rituals To Put In Your Daily Beauty Routine

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I'm constantly trying to add a bunch of awesome beauty rituals to my daily beauty routine & I thought it would be silly not to share my favourites with you all. Some of you might do these all on a daily basis anyway, however no matter how simple & easy they are I think they can all make such a big difference.

1: Cleansing & moisturising even on the days that you're not wearing makeup.

2: Moisturising you body daily, pretty basis but it really does make a huge difference. The same goes for your hands, cuticles & feet.

3: When moisturising don't forget about you neck, the back of your neck & chest. It's easy to forget.

4: Not bitting the skin around your nails.

5: Always wash your hands before you touch your face or apply products.

6: Use a deep cleansing mask at least once a week.

7: Let breakouts breathe a little & don't overload then with products.

8: Only use shampoo through the roots rather than running it through the ends as well.

9: Don't forget to use SPF daily, especially on your face & that even goes for lip balms too.

10: Stay hydrated & keeping on top of your water intake.

These are just ten of my current favourite beauty rituals in my daily beauty routine at the moment & I consider these to be some of the most of the important in my routine at the moment. Let me know in the comments below what some of your favourite rituals are in your daily beauty routine.

B x

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