6 March 2018

Summer Morning Routine

It's now officially Autumn and I'm excited for the colder weather to slowly starting making an appearance. Now that Summer has come to an end I thought I would share the routine that has kept me on track over the last three or four months. I'm always changing up my routines in one way or another, so if you're familiar with my previous routine posts then you may recognise parts of my current morning routine. 

Wake By 7AM
Every morning I try to wake by seven. I'm by no means a morning person whatsoever so having a routine wakeup time ensures that my mornings are somewhat productive. 

Hydrate & Pills/Supplements 
I always wake up in the mornings really dehydrated so I make sure that hydrating my body is one of the first things I do upon waking up. I'll then take any medications and supplements that I'm currently taking. I do this first thing in the morning so it doesn't become a task that gets lost in the craziness of the day. 

Make Bed
A pretty simple habit but it's something I do every morning and have been doing every morning from a young age. I think a made bed always makes your space look a lot more put together and tidy. 

Exercise: Walk
I'll go for a walk in the mornings to make sure I at least get some kind of light exercise in for the day. It's an opportunity to get outside and just be mindful of my body. 

Breakfast varies everyday but I always make sure I eat something. I've never been great at eating breakfast but I know how good it is for me and it's something I'm better at now than I've ever been. 

Time to get into the bathroom and take care of my skincare. If you're interested in the current skincare products I'm using at the moment then I'll link a previous post here, where you'll find all the information you need. And of course, I also brush my teeth at this time as well. 

Hal Elrod: Miracle Morning & SAVERS
I'm going to link all the information you need about Hal Elrod's Miracle Morning and SAVER's here. This part is the most significant part of my routine and the most beneficial. Each step allows me to step myself for the day in the best possible way which allows each day to be as productive as possible. 

What does your morning routine entail? Let me know. 

B x 

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