18 March 2018

Summer Evening Routine

In all honesty, my evening routine is pretty simple. Over the summer I’ve kept it minimal but it’s been super effective and working really well. Evening routines are great because we can put into place habits that help us relax after working our butts off all day. I know that I’m a mess in the morning if I haven’t taken quality time to myself to wind down the night before. I’ll still be tired, unorganised and not in the right mind set.

 For this post, I've broken my evening routine into the four most significant parts so it makes it easier to follow. 

My evening routine begins around 6PM, which is roughly when I like to finish up work for the day. Of course this varies especially if I have an event at night, which sometimes does happen, my evening routine then begins more or less when I get home. 

Dinner & Clean Up 
Dinners are usually pretty easy during the week as I tend to meal plan. So after having dinner, I’ll do dishes and a quick 20 minute tidy up of the house. I function best in a clean and clear space so I’ll take 20 minutes to do a quick tidy of the house. 

I’m someone who will normally shower at night time so this is the time where I’ll take of makeup, shower, wash my hair, shave, brush my teeth and complete my skincare routine. A good shower and skincare routine is the perfect way to relax after working your butt off all day. 

Journal & Plan
Next up is to journal for the current day and plan for the following. Journaling is a big stress reliever for me. And journaling at night means that I can get everything out of my mind from that day, onto paper and not have it manifesting in my mind overnight. Planning at night means that when getting up in the morning I already know what needs to be done that day. 

Reading & Mediation
This part of my evening routine is properly what I find most relaxing. I love reading but have always struggled to find time during my day to do it so that’s when I decided that it would become part of my evening routine. Starting and ending my day with mediation is one of the best things I could do for myself. It helps to set the best mindset, in a really calming and positive way. It’s one of my favourite things to do just become sleeping. It’s my aim to be asleep by 11PM, sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes I’m asleep way before 11PM. It’s all down to the kind of day I’ve had. 

B x

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