19 January 2020

5 Ways I'm Trying To Get A Better Nights Sleep

I love sleep & with a Chronic Illness, my body relies on it on a whole other level but while I can easily sleep 10 hours a night, the quality of that sleep is absolute rubbish. Unfortunately that's what a small part of having CFS/ME is like but here are the ways I've been trying to get a better nights & increase my quality of sleep. 

Going To Sleep When I Get Into Bed & Ditching Devices 
I've got a good evening routine down for the most part & most days I'll get into bed around 930PM however, I've got into a terrible habit of then fluffing around on my iPad or iPhone, scrolling through Instagram or Twitter. We all know that being on your devices right before bed doesn't help with your sleep at all. If I'm in bed & I feel like I'm not quite ready to go to sleep yet then I'll try & reach for reading material that isn't on a device so that could be the book I'm currently reading or a magazine. 

Hot Tea & A Book 
This is one of my favourite before bed combinations. Tea is great at soothing the stomach & great at giving you a more relaxing feeling from the inside out. Reading is a great alternative at nighttime to picking up your phone, as mention earlier. It doesn't have a be anything major, it could just an an article out a favourite magazine. Anything beats looking at your phone right before bed. 

Reach For My Favourite Bedtime Products 
Aside from my evening skincare routine I try & keep things pretty simple for when I get into bed as I don't want to have to spend 10 minutes fluffing around with a million extra products but there are a couple of extra steps that I do like to spend time doing right before bed. I'll use products like a lip balm, cuticle oil, hand cream & a sleep spray. All of these products are a great way to not only make sure you're looking after yourself but a great way to end your evening. 

B x 

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