16 January 2020

The Easiest Way To Stay Organised

Do you struggle to remember things? Friend's birthdays, dentist appointments or buying an anniversary present for your S.O? Well, a planner that is utilised well & properly maintains is definitely the key to your problems. Never had a diary or got one but barely use it? Here's my advice on finding a planner that will suit you & your life. 

Get One That Suits Your Lifestyle
For some people, remembering upcoming events & to-do's, the calendar in their phone is all they need. For other people, that sometimes just doesn't suit. A small pocket-sized diary is absolutely perfect for those who can just throw it in their bag & go but sometimes that just isn't feasible. 

I use a combination of digital apps on my devices to help keep me organised along with a monthly planner which gives me an overview of the months but also all the important tasks I have during certain weeks. It's what works for me & that's the most important thing because if it doesn;t then you simply won't use it. So figure out which way will suit your lifestyle best whether that may be a larger diary, small pocket diary or an app on your phone. 

Use Prompts & Reminders To Avoid Surprises 
Everyone's been it that situation where they've realised that day before a friend's birthday party that they've neglected to buy a present, maybe not everyone but most of us. A spot of re-gifting & a poorly wrapped present later they're not feeling too good about the situation. 

Instead, write yourself a reminders in your diary. Got a birthday party coming up? Put down 'buy birthday present' two weeks before. Got an important function coming up where you need a new outfit, do the same thing. Use you diary not only as a way of noting down events but as a physical or digital reminder to purchase things, clean things, give loaned items back & the list goes on. 

Create Space For Inspiration & Creativity 
Don't make your diary all about dates! I know how bizarre that sounds but use it for writing down some lists of things that will get you inspired & excited for the month ahead. You could write down a list of books to read that month or movies to see. Maybe a new skill you want to start or a free festival that's starting soon. Either way, try to se your diary as a way of inspiring you each month. 

Set Aside Time To Check It
I like to give my diary a good once over on a Sunday afternoon. This gives me a chance to see upcoming events & appointments also to make a master to-do list for the week. Make some time every week to check your diary & soon it will simply become a habit & you'll start checking it more frequently. 

Make Everything Work For You 
Go beyond using your diary just as a way of jotting down upcoming dates & reminders. Try some bullet journaling where you can simply jot down goals for the month, tasks for the day & a daily log of what you achieved which can be as simple & as memorable as you want. 

Also look at using different coloured pens & pencils or brightly patterned Washi tape to keep things creative. These can help you colour code your days or months as well as make events more important at a glance. 

Good luck & let me know what planning system works for you!

B x 

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