5 January 2020

Banana Free Breakfast Smoothie

I'm not a big breakfast kind of gal, I'll normally just settle for a cup of coffee but one the days where I am feeling a little more adventurous & a little more hungry I'll always go for a smoothie but a banana-free one of course. 

Day-to-day it's not something that bothers me. I eat bananas, banana cake, muffins & bread but when it comes to having banana's in my smoothie it's a no go, not for me. If you ask to have the banana component removed at a juice bar, you're greeted with a look that suggests that you have a third eye growing out your forehead. 'Sorry, it just won't have the same consistency.' No really, I'd rather have a watery juice blend of fruit thanks. But it doesn't have to be that way & that's where I've delved into the world of breakfast smoothies because not only are they so quick to make, it's summer & they're refreshing but they also up my daily fruit & vegetable intake. 

When it comes to a staple breakfast smoothie base I'll reach for an apple, some yogurt & milk. From there I'll add what ever other fruits I have available to me. Sometimes it's frozen & sometimes it's fresh fruits depending on the time of the year. My favourite fruits to use is mixed berries & mango chunks. 

The beauty with smoothies is that you can't really go too wrong. Too thin? Add more fruit & vege or another dollop of yogurt. Too thick? Thin in out with a glug of milk. Too tasteless? Add in some cinnamon, a squeeze of lemon or lime, a dollop of honey or another handful of berries. Not cold enough? Pop in some ice cubes. If you find it's not filling enough then play around with adding some fats & carbohydrates to the mixture. Half an avocado won't do much to alter the taste & will amp up the creaminess. You could also had half a cup of oats or a dollop of your favourite nut butter which will help bulk it out a little. 

The moral of the story, you don't have to add a banana in order to make a smoothie that actually looks, tastes & feels like a smoothie. 

B x 

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