21 January 2020

How To Get Every Single Task Completed On Time

With so many steps to complete a task, do you ever wish there were more hours in the day? Of course, you do & I'm with you on that one! But what we really need, isn't more hours in the day, it's more dedication, more productivity. Often, it can feel as though you're wringing every single second out of the day. 

So, if you have a to-do list as long as your arm & don't know where to start, fear not. Here are a few of my favourite hacks to help you get everything on your list ticked off. 

Give Your To-Do List A Makeover 
You already have a daily to-do list, no doubt riddled with amendments, things you need to remember & additions that you whack on at the end. Give your to-do list a makeover & instead focus on three things you can actually achieve in one day. 

I find this is actually one of the most important steps to completing a task. As soon as you do them, you can then write another to-do list. If anything else pops up, it must stay on a sticky note ready to be brought into your minimalistic to-do list. 

The power is in your hands now. You're not waiting for tasks to be chucked at you, you're taking control of your to-do list & being smart about it to. 

Declutter Your Workspace 
Start your day with a de-clutter. Chuck old papers in the bin & start fresh. It's amazing what a clean desk can do & how it will make you feel. You'll be able to tackle your day with a fresh perspective because you've given yourself the space necessary to get started. 

Focus On One Things At A Time 
Multitasking will destroy your to-do list. Do not talk on your phone while sending an email or try to remember something while filing in a spreadsheet. Focus solely on one thing until that thing is done & then move onto the next.

Shutting yourself off & focusing exclusively on one task, only resting when it's done, can free up a lot of time you didn't know you had. 

Keep Your Emails Organised
This is one of the easiest steps to complete when it comes to getting all the tasks completed. De-clutter your inbox! 

Tackling your inbox is a job that takes a little while if you've been letting it pile up but if you are able to stay on top of it every day, you'll find it takes you less time to manage & complete tasks that are tied up to your inbox. 

A quick way to do this would be to set up filters, go through your inbox at an allocated time for 20 minutes & mark any emails that you want to skip the inbox, put in a folder, mark as spam or just simply delete before they become any more of a nuisance. 

Schedule Chunks Of Uninterrupted Time 
It's all about deep work. For me, that often means identifying my biggest distraction & work on removing it. So, if you find yourself checking Instagram throughout the day, turn your phone off or put it in a drawer. The easiest way to do this is to give yourself a period of time where you work completely uninterrupted. 

You tell yourself you will work for exactly one hour without any distractions, focusing on one thing only & then at the end, you can grab water, go to the coffee machine or a take a routine walk around the printer for five minutes. I find that this works so much better that being distracted routinely throughout the day. These steps to complete a task might seem like they're self-explanatory but they'll make a huge difference. 

B x 

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