23 January 2020

How To Boost Your Mood In Five Minutes Or Less

Think about how many days you've wasted feeling miserable? Now imagine how few of those days you would have experienced if you knew a way to instantly change your mood for the better. These articles will teach you a few simples tricks to turn that frown upside down in no time at all. 

"Sometimes it's not about a particular day or a bad event, sometimes your just in a bad moon. And you can't shake it off. 

We can't just sit & wait for our good moods to change as we are missing perfectly good opportunities to be happy & create memories. It's easy to shift our mindset & mood in 5 minutes so don't sit in sadness for the sake of it. Change it! Here are a few methods to switch your mood back to a bubbly happy mindset." 

"No matter how positive your outlook on life, some moments, days, weeks, months & even years are rough. Sometimes you just want to throw your hairbrush at the wall & scream at the top of your lungs. We think it can be extremely helpful, however, to prep for tough times when you're not lost within them by creating an arsenal of go-to tricks that will improve your mood ASAP & save you from unhealthy moments of despair or intense anger." 

"It's natural to get caught up in the minutiae of everyday life; between job expectations, social engagements & the laundry list of personal tasks to check off at home, moments of true, in-the-moment tranquility can be few & far between. With that said, there's no reason your day can't be prepared with moments of happiness & appreciation - two mind-sets that can sometimes take a backseat to stress & determination." 

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