10 May 2020

4 Quick Tools For Lowering Stress

We're all finding ways to cope every time anxiety rises in our chest or the pain of uncertainty sets in. I've found that the best stress-and-worry-reducing strategies are often extensions of everyday rituals and practices we're already partaking in. What is different is your intention. In these strange and disorienting times, what makes us feel like we have our feel like we have our feel on the ground?

Take A Breather
If there's one time when we should be doubling down on our mediation practices and rituals, it now. I can't stress enough how much mediation helps reduce stress. Some of us love medication with guidance and visualisation. For that I recommend apps like Calm and Headspace. There are so many great resources out there for mediation, it's just about doing a little research and finding what's going to work best for you.

Shake It Off 
You don't need an hour-long workout to sweat out your stress. Fifteen minutes of movement, or even 5 minutes can make us feel much better. Simple yoga/stretching routines can be a great way to just spend 5 minutes away from your desk and get your body moving.

Air It Out 
If you're lucky enough to have access to a beautiful outdoor area where you're unlikely run into anyone, taking some time to yourself, connecting with nature and getting some fresh air can be a great stress reliever. It could even just be your backyard or porch, or if you're tucked away in your apartment, try a new plant and still with a diffuser streaming some beautiful outdoorsy scents.

Cozy Up 
All we want to do right now is take a break from reality, even if it is just for a few minutes. The best way I've found to do that lately involves a couch, blanket, book and a hot cup of something, usually coffee. Reading is a great way to delve into another world so get comfy, hit the couch and maybe recruit a snuggle buddy.

Are there any quick and simple tools you enjoy using when you're feeling stressed or under pressure?

B x

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