12 May 2020

5 Steps To Creating The Perfect Bath

It's a time to retreat & retrieve and instead of focusing on the external & keeping ourselves busy all the time, the focus should shift on the inner self. Now, because we spend so much time at home, we should take advantage of that & get more rest, rediscover who we truly are and spend more time things doing things that we love. Indulging in some self-care can go a long way and one of my favourite methods of this is taking a long hot bath. So, here are my best 5 steps to creating the perfect bath.

Declutter & Clean Up
Before preparing your bath, take a few minutes to remove clutter, clean the tub and wipe the floors. Preparing your space will help set those zen vibes you're desperate to feel & lighting a few candles helps with this too.

Be Organised 
A nice tip to help you have everything in hands reach is getting a bathtub caddy or trail that lays across the bathtub. Get everything ready before you jump in!

Add Some Magic 
If you want to feel like you're in a real spa, add elements that will enchant your senses like bath bombs, bath oils and scented candles. Essential oils are also great to add a beautiful scent to your space.

Pamper Your Senses 
Chocolate & a glass of wine? Your favourite relaxing playlist playing in the background? Plants are also a plus in the bathroom, not only are they visually satisfying but they're also great for improving the quality of the air.

Get Cozy 
Your post-bath routine is also important for the relaxation to be effective. I'll typically exfoliate, then pop on a rich body butter & jump into some cozy pyjamas.

These are all really simple steps but I find the combination of them altogether really helps me unwind & relax after a long day. What are some of your favourite steps when it comes to creating your perfect bath?

B x

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