5 May 2020

May Goals

We've found ourselves in strange and uncertain times recently. I'm still trying to get my head around last month and now I'm getting ready to think about what I'd like to achieve this month. I don't think I achieved a single thing from my list of April goals but I'm okay with that. I know achieved as much as I can with the circumstances we've been thrown into.

I wanted to share some of the small things that will be bringing me joy this month and hopefully you can share a few with me in the comments too!

Having A Space To Work In That's Comfortable & Inviting 
As I continue to work from home this month I want to make a few changes to my work space to help given off a more comfortable and inviting feel. I'm not quite sure what I want to add or remove from the space yet but it'll be something I can slowly work away at.

Content Creating 
I'm going to dive into a lot more content creating this month. That'll be in the form of posts here and over on my Instagram. Creating content is something that I really enjoy so I want to make it a priority  this month.

Journal Setup 
I've been doing a lot of journaling over the past month and it's something I really would love to continue. I've got a journal coming in the mail so in the mean time I'll be brainstorming and getting creative with possible ways I can set that up so it can be as functional as possible. I'll keep you updated!

Read 2 Books 
Reading has fallen by the way side over the past month so I've set myself a small goal of reading two books this month. I've yet to decide what books I want to read yet but follow me @bonnieellenxo on Instagram and Twitter for more regular updates!

B x

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