31 May 2020

Product Spotlight: Evolu Triple Action Oil Control Clay Mask

“When your skin needs a purifying cleanse to control excess oil and restore healthy, even tone, this quick-drying clay mask is a treatment essential. The unique triple-action formula works effectively to clear, regulate and brighten, reversing the dulling effects of accumulated grime and impurities. Readily applied then gently removed with a warm, wet facecloth, the blend of kaolin clay and plant actives thoroughly absorbs oil and grime without the need for harsh scrubbing.” 

There are so many gorgeous natural products in this face mask which makes in one of my all time favourites. It has worked wonders for my extra oily skin the past couple of months & I love that I don’t have to be scrubbing at my face to remove any extra dirt or grime. It’s a simple yet really effective product that is an essential in my routine currently. 

What is your favourite face mask at the moment? 

B x 

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