24 May 2020

The Life-Changing Magic Of Making A List

There is nothing better than making a good list. Lists helps you too organise your life and mind while giving yourself something to work through to get. You can have daily to-task list, weekly to-do lists, monthly to-do lists and many more. You can create lists upon lists, scrap them and start again if you needed to. But the true power in lists lies within the place you write them. Do you remember what you've put where? Whether it's in your phone notes, the back of a receipt or in a planner or notebook, it's important to remember what you've put where and have it available for easy access at any time. Today I'm going to focus specifically to-do lists and what you can do to help yourself when it comes to creating the perfect to-do list.

Making A Plan Helps You Finish Tasks 
Whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed, the best thing I find to do is to start making a plan. Lists free you from anxiety and stress as they help your create order. If you write it down, you're more likely to do it and reduce any stress or anxiety around doing those tasks too!

Write Down What Success Looks Like To You 
Lists break down the sheer amount of things you have to do into the simple bullet-pointed structure and allow you to create some framework in your life. The power of a list is incredible, more so than you probably are aware of.

Figuring out where to start can be difficult so the easiest way I've found when it comes to planning out success I will start with two lists. These will be want I need to get done and what I want to get done. The difference being between need and want. If I'm looking over the course of a week in my life, there are going to be things that I NEED to get done versus things that I WANT to get done. The 'need' list consists of everything that must be done by the end of the week whereas the 'want' list is full of projects/activities that can fill any spare time I have. If I can complete something off the 'want' list, it essentially becomes an added bonus to my week.

Writing lists works because it helps your brain process things in order, your brain likes to see things aligned. You'll remember items on your list so much easier than you'll remember tasks off the top of your head.

Write Out Of Love
Writing a daily gratitude list is a beautiful selfceare practice and helps you consciously focus on what's good in your life. Gratitude can really shift your thinking. Creating love-lists is the perfect remedy for a busy day because it allows your brain to 'remember' what makes it happy, boosting endorphins and giving you a kick of motivation.

Tips For Creating A Better To-Do List 
1. Use a notebook in combination with a calendar or diary. When planning out your day make sure your deadlines are realistic.

2. Create a systems for tackling priority tasks first. Make sure you clearly know what your priority task are and plan how you're going to get them done.

3. Rewrite your list with more order or structure. Use colour codes or symbols to organise it.

4. Be kinder to yourself. Sometimes our to-do lists can become unrealistic but that's okay because there is always tomorrow.

5. Re-evaluate your list after you progress through it. Make sure it's still realistic and achievable.

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