17 May 2020

Your Weekend Read, Watch & Listen List

These posts are some of my favourites to put together because I get to put together all the content that I've been loving in one post. Prior to Lockdown, I didn't have a lot of spare time to do much content consuming of any kind but Lockdown provided me with some extra space time where I was able to catch up on all kinds of my favourite content.

Frankie Magazine: Issue 95 
Breathe Magazine: Issue 20 
My Brother's Name Is Jessica; John Boyne
The Light We Lost; Jill Santopolo 

Netflix: Prison Break
YouTube: Julie - JuliePlans, Kathryn June, Angela - Elloitsangela, Meghan Rienks, Lily Marston & Grace F. Victory

Podcasts: Don't Blame Me - Meghan Rienks

B x

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