24 January 2016

Twenty Sixteen I'm Ready For You

Word can't explain how excited I am for this year! I have so many things I would like to achieve & so much that I'm looking forward too. This is the year for us & we're going to do what makes us happy, right?

This year, in the way of school, I've decided to do something that will benefit myself in other ways as well. This year I'm going to be doing online school. Attending an online school is going to allow me to focus on my health & overall happiness. It's taken me a long time to realise that although I love learning, a school environment isn't for me & it wasn't doing my overall health & happiness any good. I really feel like I have made the right decision for myself & I can't wait to see where it takes me.

This year I want to spend a lot more time outside & exploring nature. When I'm outside, breathing in fresh air, where it's just incredibly peaceful & beautiful, I just feel that I can connect with myself & take some time to relax, take a break anyway from everything. I can't wait to explore more of what my own country has to offer.

This year I really want to focus on my health. I want to become so much more healthier. I'm gradually going to be cutting sugar, dairy & wheat out of my diet, I'm going to be focusing on my mental & emotional health as well. I'm going to get into mediation & yoga but I also really want to focus on myself & giving myself some genuine me time. Time where I can reflect & just be connected within myself.

Like I said above I want to become a lot more healthier & with that I want to explore & taste new foods. I want to get into the kitchen more & just be more creative in that sense. I'll keep you updated on how I go. Hopefully I don't burn anything!

BLOG // 
This year on my blog I really would like to expand my content. I want to do a bunch of different things & really get a mixture of posts up for you all. If you have any requests of posts you'd like to see then feel free to contact me over on Twitter or flick me a direct message on Instagram >> @msbonni3ellen

If you have been following for awhile or you know me personally you'll know that I'm quite an organised person. However this year I obviously want to & will still be that organised Bonnie however I want to focus on adapting  my routine, I want to find what's really going to work best for me. Ever since I've been sick I've kind of been all over the place but this year I want to focus on getting myself into routines that are going to be good for my health & make me feel great.

B x

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