14 January 2016

On My Bedside Table

I tend to have a lot of clutter on my bedside table but with that being said I chose to have a bit of a clean up & work out what I really needed & didn't need & this is what I came up with.

For a bedside table I have a white three draw piece & I love it. It's simple. it's basic & it goes with everything. On the top I've keep in rather simple. I have my favourite candle, my little red alarm clock, my grey toned lamp & a scent defuser, which keeps my room smelling fresh. 

After I've finished reading at night you'll usually just fined my book & glasses there too but also my water bottle. Especially through the summer months I find that I get super thrusting throughout the night so it's always handy to have it there. 

If you're interested in know what's in the draws, the top draw contains things like tissues, hand cream, lip balm, head phones, my book, hand sanitiser, my glasses cleaner & all those kinds of bits & pieces. 

Second draw has old magazines in it & also my bibles. I keep any reading material in this draw, so just things that I plan on reading or just extra reading material. 

Third draw is a bit a of junk draw. I have extra cords & chargers. I have wheat bags, a small hot water bottle & all that jazz. 

Bedtime for me is important. It's time for myself but also time to relax & rewind from the day. I find keep everything clean & clear on my bedside table will help keep my mind as clear as possible too. 

B x

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